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What are the Different Kinds and Types of Pecky Cypress Wood and Specialty Lumber?

Cypress lasts several thousand years, and if you watched some of the popular TV shows like Swamp Loggers, it’s value is unmatched. The desire to get this new and old growth cypress is like finding a gold treasure. Once it has been dug up or pulled out of the swamp, it can be cut into slabs with rare and unique wood grains and designs. It offers an insect-resistant quality, and some use it as an alternative for cedar.

One of the most rare and popular versions of cypress wood is called “Pecky Cypress.” This means the wood has slits in it that appear like someone chipped or “pecked” it. In reality, what makes pecky cypress appear this way is a type of fungus in watertight in-situ ponds, rivers, and lakes. When dried and milled, this type of cypress creates a timeless aesthetic to be used in homes, restaurants, and other forms of wood paneling or ceiling design. Other applications may include outdoor awnings, decks, and beams.

3 Different Pecky Cypress Grades and Distinctions

#1 - Light Pecky Cypress

This is river recovered, new growth style with smaller holes. Architects, interior designers, and other general contractors may use it for bathroom paneling, shiplap designs, ceilings, and other creative constructions.

#2 - Medium Pecky Cypress

Also a new growth style, the holes are more medium-sized and a bit larger than light pecky. Other ideas for building with this material include cabinets, doors, mantles and pecky cypress floors. Some people like to frame paintings or images using pecky cypress to accent the décor.

#3 - Heavy Pecky Cypress

With larger-sized cavities and indentations, this heavy pecky cypress has more pockets and deep color to enhance any room. Our friends over at Southern Cypress Manufacturers Association have some excellent examples of how pecky cypress can be conformed to your design or dream room.

If you’re still not sure which type of lumber you want to utilize, consider these 4 Reasons Why Cypress Lumber is a specialty choice for your next architectural design or custom woodworking build. Cypress is:

  1. Versatile

  2. Distinctive

  3. Durable

  4. Sustainable

Did you know?

Palm Beach Woodwork carries the largest Pecky Cypress lumber inventory for sale in the world. These pecky cypress wood planks are ready to go and are cut to your specifications, with millions of board feet in stock.

Our President Brad Haylett with his daughter alongside a river-recovered old growth cypress log. Brad is a National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) certified grader. He is your assurance of receiving your specifications and expectations. We support this professionalism with one of the largest inventories of cypress lumber in the United States available to the professional building trade and discerning customer.

Reach out to Brad as our house certified expert for your Pecky Cypress pricing and cost estimates:


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